HOW TO LightUpPurple

We are trying to get as many cities, businesses, schools, landmarks and people to LIGHT UP PURPLE to recognize and promote more awareness about mental health on World Mental Health Day on October 10th.

Here are some ideas on how to do this…

Home DIY Ideas:

  • put up floral hanging baskets – customize or buy purple flowers to add
  • purple (lettered) balloons – party stores or dollar stores
  • hang a translucent lantern with a purple LED tealight inside
  • purple waterproof LED fairy lights in rooms or outside the house
  • wear purple glow stick necklaces or bracelets
  • DIY glow in the dark paint and jam jars, with candles inside
  • tint windows with purple film
  • change indoor and/or outdoor lights to purple bulbs. ¬†Black lights glow purple. ¬†Also, the purple lights are available in October at many stores in preparation for Halloween.
  • wear purple on October 10th
  • have a bake sale at your business or school with something purple in it
  • take a selfie or a group photo holding a #lightuppurple or #worldmentalhealthday sign
  • contact people and businesses in your community to participate in LUP for World Mental Health Day 2015
  • create a purple beverage
  • contact a mental health organization near where you live and share #LUP

Wear It Purple:

  • purple office shirt, purple tie, purple skirt
  • purple shirt, purple hat, purple scarf, purple shoes
  • The Amanda Todd Legacy shirt or sweatshirt with the Stay Strong symbol
  • ATLS toque or Rise Against Bullying snapback!
  • ATLS purple bracelets (Stay Strong, #SayItWithSnowflakes, Light Up Purple)

Tell Us About It:

  • Personalize your own sign and hold it up wherever you Light Up Purple
  • Post your photos on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #LightUpPurple to show the world your support for mental health!
  • Add a Stay Strong logo or proclamation to your Twitter description or blog description
  • Turn your Facebook profile picture, Twitter icon, or Instagram picture to our Light Up Purple icon <- (we need one)
  • Tweet or post WMHD or anti-bullying fun facts, and use the hashtag #LightUpPurple

Raise More Awareness:

  • Distribute information about anti-cyberbullying, awareness about bullying and the stigma around mental health, and talk about Light Up Purple in your establishment, school, neighborhood, or company!
  • Personalize your own sign with the hashtag and post it in community areas (coffee shops, community centers, churches, libraries, offices, places of gathering)
  • Reach out to local media to let the community know about WMHD and how everyone can join the movement to Light Up Purple.

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