Proclamations 2016

Edmonton proclamation LUP 2016
Alberta, City of Edmonton. Mayor Don Iveson. Proclamation, World Mental Health Day!
City of Brandon
City of Brandon, Manitoba. Mayor Rick Chrest. Proclamation, World Mental Health Day
City of St. John's, Newfoundland
City of St. John’s, Newfoundland. Mayor Dennis O’keefe. Proclamation #WorldMentalHealthDay
City of Regina Proclamation LUP2016
City of Regina, Saskatchewan. Mayor Michael Fougere. Proclamation WMHDay LUP2016
City of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
City of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Proclaims Light Up Purple for World Mental Health Day!
Burnaby proclamation oct 2016
City of Burnaby, BC. Mayor Derek Corrigan. Proclamation for World Mental Health Day
Corporation of Delta support letter WMHDay 2016
Corporation of Delta, Mayor Lois Jackson. Supportive letter.
City of Fort St. John WMHDay 2016 proclamation
City of Fort St. John, BC , Mayor Lori Ackerman. Proclamation. City Hall also #LightUpPurple


District of Mission BC - Proclamation 2016 World Mental Health Day
District of Mission, BC. Mayor Randy Hawes. Proclamation WMHDay 2016
City of Nanaimo LUP2016
City of Nanaimo, BC. – Mayor Bill McKay. Proclamation World Mental Health Day
City of New West proclamation LUP2016
City of New Westminster, BC. – Mayor Jonathan Cote
City of North Vancouver Proclamation LUP2016
City of North Vancouver, BC with Mayor Darrell Mussatto – Proclamation WMHDay
District of Oak Bay - Victoria BC - Proclamation Oct 10 2016
District of Oak Bay, Victoria BC. Mayor Nils Jensen. Proclamation Oct 10 2016
Port Coquitlam BC - Proclamation WMHD LUP2016
City of Port Coquitlam, BC. Mayor Greg B Moore. Proclamation WMHD LUP2016
City of Richmond, BC Proclamation 2016
City of Richmond, BC. Mayor Malcolm Brodie. Proclamation 2016 WMHDay
District of Saanich BC, Proclamation 2016
District of Saanich, BC. Mayor Richard Atwell. Proclamation.
Squamish Proclamation WMHDay pg 2 LUP2016
Squamish, BC. Mayor Patricia Heintzman. Proclamation WMHDay LUP2016
City of Surrey LUP 2016
Surrey, BC. Mayor Linda Hepner – Proclamation


City of Victoria Proclamation - rcvd Oct 17 2016
City of Victoria, Capital City of the Province of British Columbia – Proclamation
Whistler snap shot edited LUP2016
Whistler, BC – Proclaimed WMHday & Fitzsimmons Bridge will #LightUpPurple
Williams Lake 2016 World Mental Health Day - Proclamation
City of Williams Lake, BC. Mayor Walt Cobb. World Mental Health Day 2016 – Proclamation
City of Kenora Ontario - WMHDay 2016 Proclamation
City of Kenora, Ontario. Mayor David S. Canfield. WMHDay2016 Proclamation
City of Kingston Proclamation Oct 2016
City of Kingston, Ontario. Mayor Bryan Paterson. WMHDay2016 Proclamation
City of Markham Proclamation 2016
City of Markham, Ontario. Mayor Frank Scarpitti. Proclamation WMHDay 2016
City of Minneapolis USA proclamation 2016
City of Minneapolis, USA – Resolution WMHDay LUP2016


City of Richardson - Texas USA Proclamation LUP2016
City of Richardson, Texas, USA – Proclamation LUP2016